Full Life Trio, from Savannah, MO, has been spreading the gospel through song
since June of 1994. 

How it all began:

In the summer of 1994, Debbie Davis, along with her sister and two friends had the opportunity to sing at a couple of churches in their hometown.They needed a name, so having sang for the last year at Full Life Fellowship (their home church), they decided to call themselves Full Life. The following year the name of the group was changed to Full Life Trio. Over the next few years, Debbie saw several faces come and go, but her goal has always been the same, to minister the love of Jesus through song.

Their concerts include something for everyone. They sing many original songs written by group members Debbie Davis and Becki Parker, but also do some older songs as well. They are Southern Gospel with a country flavor!

The Full Life ministry team currently consists of: Debbie Davis (vocals/keyboard/songwriter), Becki Parker (vocals/songwriter), and Larry Davis (preaching). Full Life Trio has ministered in Missouri, Iowa, Tennessee, Ohio, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, as well as locally.

They are chartered through the Association of International Gospel Assemblies, Inc. (AIGA) and are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.
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(c) Full Life Trio, PO Box 452, Savannah MO 64485 - Since 1994
Full Life Trio
Debbie Davis
Becki Parker
Lea Parker
Having a love for Southern Gospel music since her childhood, Debbie founded Full Life Trio in the summer of 1994. She has written over 100 Gospel songs over the last 30 years and many of them are sung by Full Life Trio today. Debbie is the lead singer for the trio, plays keyboard, and manages the bookings, the web site, and our social media pages.
In 1998, the alto position opened up for Full Life Trio. After hearing her sisiter-in-law Becki sing, Debbie asked if she wanted to fill the empty spot. Well, Becki stepped right in, and has been with the trio ever since. She not only sings, but writes many of the songs that Full Life Trio sings on a regular basis!
In January 1999, a vocal position opened up for Full Life Trio. Lea and her family had started attending church with Debbie a few months before that. In a short amount of time, Debbie realized that Lea had the talent and passion that FLT was looking for in a singer. Lea remained with Full Life Trio for 19 years before departing in January 2018 to focus on her family, church, and non-profit based employer, Interserv. UPDATE: Lea departed from FLT in January 2018. We'll miss her very much!